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We no longer run our courses in Legal Bookkeeping in London. Many people were unable to make the journey to attend the course in person. As such, we have recorded the course content on USB with the accompanying workbook.

Distance - SARs Legal Bookkeeper Course


Legal Bookkeeper Course - Content: We are confident that if you are applying for legal cashiers jobs, or are currently employed as a legal cashier, then this course will give you a excellent grounding. The manual exercises mean it doesn't matter which computerised system you do use - the principals are still the same.

Level 1:

§         Introduction to bookkeeping – double entry, partnership accounts, profit & loss, balance sheet

§         How a solicitors office should run

§         Client & Office money

§         Recording Transactions (bills, invoices)

§         Posting receipts from the Legal Services Commission

§         Transfer client ledgers, residual balances, mixed money

§         VAT

§         Disbursements

§         Interest – deposit account & client account

§         Petty Cash

§         Credit notes, write offs, bad debts

§         Solicitor Typical problems

§         SARs compliance and The Accountants Report

The distance learning course is ideal for:

  • Bookkeepers who want to get into Solicitors Accounts and learn more about Legal Bookkeeping
  • Students studying for the ICB Level 3 Diploma in Legal Bookkeeping

Price: £127

You get:
  • A workbook (over 100 pages long)
  • A copy of the solicitors accounts rules
  • A video-based USB STICK (you run in your computer - PC or MAC), and you follow the 17 exercises and teaching together with us, using the workbook - just as if you were in the the classroom with us.
  • Around 10 hours worth of material to digest
  • Dispatched within 24 hours

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