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We used to run Legal Cashier / Solicitors Accounts Rules Training courses in Central London. Unfortunately we don't do this any more. They were great days - they used to be one day / half-day, but we just don't have the time, energy or resources to continue with these.

Instead, we have a distance learning option. This is aimed at existing cashiers who want to brush up on their skills, bookkeepers who want to know more about legal bookkeeping and solicitors accounts.

Legal Bookkeeping Courses

"A very good course covering the basics of legal bookkeeping at the appropriate level for beginners." Hong Tran, Consultant

Boogles Legals have identified the weaknesses in the knowledge of what accounts people need to know when working with solicitors, and have devised a course to fill in this gap.  

Comments from June 2011 session:

"This was a useful quite detailed session"

"Very informative"

"I enjoyed the course very much - very helpful & useful in the future"

"Surprisingly interesting"

"This course has been very useful as a refresher, because the rules change" P Popat, Cashier

We are confident that if you are applying for legal cashiers jobs, or are currently employed as a legal cashier, then our course will give you an excellent grounding.

What we used to cover:

Legal Bookkeeper Course - Content:

Level 1: [one day]

§         Introduction to bookkeeping – double entry, partnership accounts, profit & loss, balance sheet

§         How a solicitors office should run

§         Client & Office money

§         Recording Transactions (bills, invoices) ON A LEGAL ACCOUNTS SOFTWARE

§         Posting receipts from the Legal Services Commission

§         Transfer client ledgers, residual balances, mixed money

§         VAT

§         Disbursements

§         Interest – deposit account & client account

§         Petty Cash

§         Credit notes, write offs, bad debts

§         Solicitor Typical problems

§         SARs compliance and The Accountants Report

"I gained more insight and learned new things that I did not know about"

Cashier, London [2012]

Level 2: [one day course] - for those who complete Level 1 and want more - by request:

§        Recap of how a solicitors accounts office should run and the difference between ‘normal’ bookkeeping and solicitors accounts

§         Trial Balance, profit & loss, balance sheet

§         Recording Transactions (bills, invoices) into client / office account

§         Disbursements

§         Completion statements – probate (wills)

§         Financial statements – property transactions

§         Endorsed cheques & Dishonoured cheques

§         Splitting cheques

§         Problems for solicitors

§         Preparing for The Accountants Report

Delegates Quote from May 2011 course:

"Today Legal Bookkeeping course was fantastic. Great information. Its very helpful in dealing with solicitors." N Adil, Director

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