Approachable Bookkeepers & Hassle-Free Cashiers

Legal Bookkeeping is a niche area. There are often a lot of mis-perceptions about legal cashiers and so, we've tried to answer a few of the most popular queries.  

My software company can do my bookkeeping - why do I need a legal cashier?

If you want to spend the time sending 'stuff' to the software company - scanning each piece of paper into the computer and filing it away or boxing it up, sending it off and receiving it back and filing it away, or just inputting the data and then filing it away - then use a software company who will do your bookkeeping remotely. The only major drawback, is that you are tied in to them, and if you don't want that software anymore, then you have no files, no records - nothing! A cashier would be working more personally with your law firm.

What is the benefit of having a legal cashier to come on site and do my book-keeping for me?

An extra body in the office can 'hold the fort' if you have to dash out to go to court, or see a client. You can build a lot of goodwill with on-site cashier who'll be looking out for your firm and telling you if anything looks amiss.

What does a legal cashier do?

A legal cashier / legal bookkeeper looks after the bookkeeping for solicitors / lawyers / barristers / anyone working in the legal profession.


How is a legal cashier different from a bookkeeper?

The term 'legal cashier' and 'legal bookkeeper' can be used interchangably. In effect, they are the same people. The main difference, is that a legal bookkeeper is in a niche field, looking after the books of people working in the legal profession, whereas a 'normal' bookkeeper, is looking after everyone elses bookkeeping.

Both types of bookkeepers need to know their debits and credits. But in addition, for legal cashiers, they need to be aware of office accounts and client accounts and to be familiar with the Solicitors Accounts Rules (SARs), and how to treat different items coming through the accounts.


How do you become a legal cashier?

You should consider finding out more about the legal cashier / legal bookkeeping training available. Most is distance learning.


Do you have any opportunities for a trainee legal cashier?


What are the job opportunities that I can expect after completing the distance learning legal cashiering training course with you?

Legal cashiers are in demand, but doing a course or gaining qualifications is only a small part of it. When faced with qualifications or experience, clients generally want both - but experience carries more weight. A course will improve your employability prospects, but essentially, its the experience which wins the day. You'll have a very good idea after the end of the course, but you can't learn "10 years experience" in 12 hours.


Do you also provide job placements?

No, not for work experience.

If you are looking for work, we suggest you try:

Where can I get a copy of one of your books?


Online from Amazon, or from the e-shop and in all good bookshops!

Do you have a legal cashier vacancy?

No. We refer client jobs to the self employed legal cashiers that we have build an existing relationship with. We don't employ any cashiers.


Do you have part time legal cashier jobs?

No. We don't employ any cashiers. If you want part time work (and you're willing to be self employed), then we recommend you try: who vet all their recruits and provide leads to them. 


Do you have a legal cashier job description? 

No. The legal cashiers job would vary by the client.

What does a legal cashier do?

A junior legal cashier and senior cashier between them could do the following:

  • Bookkeeping for Client and Office account transactions
  • Processes receipts and payments
  • Petty Cash
  • Posts bills
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Interest calculations
  • Bank reconciliation’s
  • Reports
  • Month End routine procedures
  • VAT return
  • Payroll

If you are a fee-earner, solicitor, lawyer, who is doing all of the above yourself, or you are not satisfied with the way it is being done now, then please contact us, to see how we can be of some help. 


What is the difference between a Client Account and an Office Account?

How are you different to other legal bookkeeping companies, in the market?

Unlike some other companies, we understand the needs of clients, and we carry out this work on site. We can collect and return, but our research and feedback has proved that clients prefer to have the work done on-site. So this is what we ask our self-employed cashiers to do. We win new clients because we do what we say we can do, and we do it well.


What legal bookkeeping software do you recommend ?

They all have their own quirks, vary in their ease of use, costs vary and some can grow with your practice, others will need replacing when you get a lot bigger. The quality of the help desk support and the training available can also vary too – is there any point in having a system so complex that no-one knows how to truly use it, and your on the phone daily to the help desk because it just keeps doing odd things? But SoliBooks is certainly worth a look!


What legal bookkeeping software is there?

There are a lot of different legal bookkeeping software on the market. To name a few:

  • SoliBooks
  • Opsis
  • Proclaim Accounts
  • Perfect Books
  • Mountain
  • Solicitors Own Software (SOS)
  • Partner for Windows (TFB)
  • Alpha Law
  • Cognito
  • Quill
  • Access Legal Systems
  • Osprey
  • DPS Software
  • Law Byte
  • StrongBox

I'm a solicitor, and I think my bookkeeper isn't any good. What can you do for me?

You can call us in confidence, and we can see whether we have someone local to you, who is familiar with your system, who can help.

I'm a solicitor. Why should I use Boogles, and not just find someone myself?

You can go and find someone yourself. But the challenges you are likely to face are:

  • They'll start squeezing you in around other clients / commitments
  • They may have taken on too much work, but we don't overload anyone - we have a choice of cashiers who we can refer to, and we'll make sure they have the time to fit you in
  • Often times, the job of a cashier is on a part time basis, so you may find that if you try and employ someone to do the job they may start moaning about how they've not got enugh money (despite the fact that you told them from the off-set that it'd be 'one day a fortnight'
  • Our people are tried and tested
  • You are not a qualified bookkeeper, and thus don't really have the experience of 'knowing' when someone knows, and when they're pretending that they can do the job
  • Interviewing and finding staff can take ages... meanwhile, your firm will suffer because you won't be getting any work done

Are you insured ?

Yes, Boogles Ltd has professional indemnity and employers liability and public liability insurance cover with Cobine Carmelson. However, when you use self-employed bookkeepers, you will need to see their insurance because it's not covered by us. 

Will I be invoiced by Boogles ?
No. We simply refer the bookkeepers to the clients. The bookkeepers then take the relationship from there. They will invoice you etc., and give you their terms of business.

What are your credentials?

We were shortlisted (final 5 out of 14,500 nominations) in Nov 09 and 2011 for the LUCAS "Best Bookkeeping Practice" awards, by the ICB. Rest assured, we've been in this business a while, we know what we're doing... your books will be in great hands.