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About Us

Boogles are a bookkeeping service unlike no other. We are not an agency but a dedicated team who have a purpose - which is to take care of our clients books - so that they can get on, with doing what they do best - running the business. It seems to be a rather unglamourous role - but Boogles love it. Outsource it to us - we'll gladly do it.

We take the job seriously. It all began when we were just gob smacked at what other cashiering companies got away with. So, we decided to take a stand, and be on the solicitors side. Solicitors Accounts Rules are a mind field and if you fail to comply - you can lose your law practice. We don't want that. Solicitors have enough on their plate without having to stress out about reconciling their bank account every 5 weeks. So, we're here to help you.

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We have a friendly style of writing - we're friendly people - and this is just one of our brand values.

Boogles Brand Values are:

  • reliable
  • honest
  • trustworthy
  • value for money service
  • friendly
  • approachable - call us if you need help. Our clients success is our success. When they do well, so do we.

We get involved with business people and entrepreneurs at all levels. We are Ambassadors for Enterprise UK, the national campaign to increase entrepreneurial behaviour amongst people in the UK.


You'll find that our service is very flexible, great value, and we guarantee that not only will you find our prices extremely competitive ... but you'll be delighted to have found us. If you are doubting your existing cashier... if they're messing you about, not showing up when they said they would, if they're not getting the job done, and you can't trust what they're doing - give us a ring - in complete confidence - and we'll pop in when they're not there and see if we can do more for you.

Whats more, bookkeeping isn't the only string to our bow. We're a creative bunch.

We wrote a book about bookkeeping because we wanted to demystify the subject - and to help the lay-person understand what its all about. Nothing should be complicated. Life should be simple.

Boogles are creating and growing a team of legal cashiers / legal bookkeepers who can deliver a legal bookkeeping service to our set standards. If you need a legal cashier, click here.

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Our bookkeeping franchise business is: